Remote Head

Libec REMO30 Remote Head

Universal Dual-Base Pan & Tilt Remote Head for today’s 4K UHD/HD/DV camcorders up to 11lb/5kg

  • Capture your imagination from start to finish and exceed your expectations
  • When mounted upside down, you can achieve a complete bird's-eye shot
  • Equipped with a unique drive system that transmits motor power accuracy
  • Prevents motor drive stalling during tilt movements
  • Every movement can be traced at an ideal speed
  • Fine tune adjustments can be achieved with the tilt arm at 90 degrees.
  • Ensures an easy and perfect camera balance
  • Cables can be routed through the cable leads to prevent tangling
  • Pan & tilt control, and LANC controls are combined in a single control cable.
  • Variable speed control can be achieved by operating the joystick and speed control dials.
  • Individual Pan and tilt lock controls allowing single direction operations
  • Flexible Dual Base (100mm/flat base) compatible with 75/100mm jib arms and tripods
  • Control box has a reduced power supply and is compatible with V-mount batteries for long lasting shoots
  • A variety of cables and adapters are bundled to accommodate every shooting condition
  • IPX2 splash-proof and can operate effectively outdoors even in extreme weather conditions
  • Enhance your experience with various optional products, I.e. control unit CU30