All-round Tripod Case

RC-70 Professional Tripod Case with wheels for RSP-750 Series Tripod Systems

  • Professional Carrying Case with wheels for east transportation on foot or during travel
  • Equipped with two wheels and can be pulled from the top or from the side handle grip
  • Prevent damage with hard external protectors and padded material internally
  • Absorbs impacts from the outside, while the inner straps firmly hold the tripod inside
  • Designed with high rigidity and can be safely transported as a check-in luggage during flights
  • Equipped with dual top carry handles, a hard external protection, and a name card holder
  • Large accessory pockets to store tripod adapters, extra slide plates, pan handles, and other equipment
  • Can be used for other manufacturer tripod systems
  • 5”/93cm Internal Dimensions
  • 6lb/3.9kg in weight
List of models storable in the RC-70 tripod case
Transport length
V10AS-AP2F 86.6cm / 34.1"
V10AS-CP2F 86.6cm / 34.1"
V100-AP2 85.9cm / 33.8"
V100-CP2 85.9cm / 33.8"
SYSTEM18 S1 ENG 2 89cm / 35"
SYSTEM18 S1 ENG 2 CF 89cm / 35"
SYSTEM20 S1 HD CF 94cm / 37"
SYSTEM20 S1 HD MCF 94cm / 37"
SYSTEM20 S1 SL HD MCF 94cm / 37"