ALX S4 Slider with Padded Carrying Case

The perfect slider with smooth and precise controllability on a 75mm tripod or tabletop setting.

  • 8 high-performance ball bearings hug the rail for smooth, wobble-free slide shots
  • 15kg/33lb Payload with 12” slide range
  • Can be mounted on a 75mm tripod or flat base equipment with 3/8” screw
  • Designed with tension/friction knob, slide lock knob, and bubble level
  • Friction knob enables precise weight and speed adjustments
  • Collapsible tabletop legs for easy setup/storage
  • Height-adjustable feet for tabletop balancing
  • Modular components allow multi-style configurations
  • 5” rail can be swapped with optional ALX SR8 (31.5") or ALX SR12 (47") rails
  • Includes 75mm tripod adaptor with bowl clamp (fixing handle) for balancing
  • Includes padded carrying case and slider maintenance kit for longevity