Video Head

The Libec ALX is your next Smart Tripod Companion for all your photo/video/DSLR needs including home videos, documentaries, corporate assignments, weddings & events, nature, sports, interviews, and journalist newsgatherings.

Highlighted features:

  • Dual-Base fluid head with a 9lb/4kg payload for today’s 4K UHD/HD/DV camcorders and DSLR cameras
  • For all events, home videos, weddings, nature, sports, corporate, documentaries, and news gatherings
  • Dual base design (flat base/75mm ball) for 75mm bowl tripods & flat base equipment with 3/8” screws
  • Pan lock, tilt lock, and slide plate lock are strategically located on the left hand side of the head
  • Built-in counterbalance for precise balance and tilt movements
  • Equipped with a one-touch attach/release mechanism
  • Snap on/off quick release plate slides +/-40mm/1.6” for swift camera plate adjustments
  • Dual pan handle rosettes for additional pan handle or support arm
  • A multi-functional video head for a variety of shooting environments


ALX-H Counterbalance chart