Pedestal with Head

Libec RSP-750PD(S) Pedestal System with RHP75 Head, P110 Pedestal Column and DL-10B Studio Dolly

RHP75 Pan Tilt Fluid Head, 2x PH-8B Extendable Pan Handles

  • 5lb/17kg payload for OB & Studio Broadcast setups
  • Step-free Continuous Counterbalance Technology for perfect camera balance
  • Unique Balance Stabilizer Mechanism prevents the slightest wobble/backlash
  • Sealed torque unit contributes to a smooth start to finish pan & tilt movements
  • Snap On/Off Quick Release Sliding Plate attaches/detaches with one touch

P110 Pneumatic Pedestal Column (100mm)

  • 2-stage pneumatic pedestal offers smooth camera elevations for cameras setups up to 66lbs/30kg
  • Perform smooth pedestal shots ideal for Outside Broadcast studios
  • Double bearing system prevents wobbling generated by quick vertical movements
  • Air pressure can be added/released without removing camera equipment
  • Setup is fast and easy using the supplied air pump

DL-10B Studio Dolly with Cable Guards

  • Tracking locking mechanism ensures straight-line movement by locking the caster direction
  • Cable guards prevent the wheels from running over cables during studio production
  • User friendly foot-activated lock & release pedals
  • Large-sized double-wheel 5” diameter casters