Extendable Jib Arm Kit

JB50 KIT Telescopic and Retractable Jib Arm, Tripod, and Dolly, 3 Carrying Cases

Swift Jib50

  • Achieve your ideal shot with only a small crew, anytime, and anywhere
  • Payload of 44lbs at minimum length and 22lbs at maximum length
  • Telescopic Jib arm is extendable 35.5" in the front to achieve dynamic high-angle shots
  • Offers rear operations with a remote head, front operations with a 100mm fluid head
  • Achieves smooth professional vertical, horizontal, and diagonal movements
  • Retractable 12” towards the rear of the jib to fit inside any location
  • Reversible front platform for low-angle and ground-level shots

Libec T102B

  • Designed for heavy duty performance ideal for studio production and for use with a jib arm
  • Stable camerawork is ensured thanks to outstanding rigidity and robustness
  • Supports 198lbs/90kg and is compatible with Libec Swift Jib50 Jib Arm
  • Aluminum piping and die-cast material ensures a high level of stability
  • Height range of 27-54.5" (measured with floor level spreader)

Libec DL-8B

  • Make dolly shots in any direction on smooth or hard surfaces
  • User friendly foot-activated lock & release pedals
  • Load capacity of 89kg/198lbs